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RV classes & RV types review

Published: 2023-09-04

Introduction: RV Purpose

Recreational Vehicles serve as the ultimate vessels for travel and adventure, offering a blend of liberty and homey comforts. Prior to embarking on your journey, it's crucial to grasp the diverse range of RV choices at your disposal. From the opulence of Class A motorhomes to the compact efficiency of teardrop trailers, each category presents its distinctive advantages tailored to the needs of various explorers.

Whether you're a seasoned nomad seeking an upgrade or a novice keen to venture into the world of mobile living, our comprehensive guide is here to illuminate your path to the ideal on-the-go escape. Delve in and uncover the expansive realm of RVs that beckons!

  1. Motorhomes:
  2. Towable Trailers:
  3. Truck Campers


Motorhomes a type of RV, seamlessly combine transportation and residential zone into a single unit. Unlike other RV variants, which may require towing, motorized are self-propelled, offering an all-in-one travel and accommodation solution. These versatile vehicles are designed to provide varying levels of comfort and convenience, ranging from basic to luxurious. Motorhomes come in several distinct categories categorized by size, design, and features.

Class A

Motorhome Class A

The largest and most luxurious, resembling buses, built on custom truck chassis, and featuring spacious interiors, including slide-outs, plus amenities like full-sized kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and deluxe bathrooms.

  • New models start at approximately $100K, with 10-year-old units at about $65K.

Class B(Campervans)

Motorhome Class B

The smallest class of motorized mobile homes. These are built using van chassis, often with raised roofs or extensions. They are more compact and agile than other motorhome types. It's make them perfect for solo travellers or couples. Inside, you'll typically find a small kitchenette, a sleeping area, and sometimes a compact bathroom.

Motorhome Class B Interior

  • Prices range from $80K to $160K for new, and about $40K for used ones.

Class C

Motorhome Class C

Mid-sized options with a distinctive over-cab sleeping area. They offer more space than Class B, but are generally smaller and less luxurious than Class A. These motorhomes feature a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping quarters

  • Average cost of new class C is from $50K to $100K and up. For used ones, cost starts from $30K.

Unique benefits of motorhomes:

  1. All-in-one solution

    The combination of the driving and living spaces into one cohesive unit offers simplicity and convenience.

  2. Ease of setup and quick getaway

    Once you reach your destination, there's no need to unhitch or set up a separate living space. Simply park, stabilize, and you're done. Fast and easy leave. Just start the engine and go.

  3. Safety in Transit

    The living quarters are accessible from the driver's seat. So passengers can access the bathroom, kitchen, or sleeping areas without needing to stop and exit the vehicle.

  4. Tow Capability

    Many travelers tow a small car or "toad" behind their motorhome. This allows them to park at a campsite and use the car for local excursions, offering more flexibility.

  5. Unified Maintenance

    Since the vehicle and living space are integrated, there's a unified point of maintenance. You don't need to think about the maintenance of both a tow vehicle and a separate trailer.

Towable Trailers

Towable Trailers are a type of towable recreational vehicle designed to provide accommodation for travellers. Unlike motorhomes, they do not have their own motor and must be towed by another vehicle, such as a truck, SUV, or in some cases, a car. Travel trailers are a type of RV that come in various sizes and layouts. Some travel homes have small teardrop designs that are suitable for solo travellers. Other travel homes have large, multi-room space that are ideal for families.

Towable trailer interior


Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Specialized travel home towed by pickup, featuring a unique bi-level design with spacious interiors. A specialized hitch mechanism in the truck bed offers stability during riding. These type often include luxurious amenities such as king-size beds and full-size refrigerators. We've already dealt with fifth-wheel, look at this here.

  • Cost of fifth-wheels depends on its dimensions and other features, and starts from about $30K for new and about $10K for used ones.


Destination Trailers

Often called "park models," these mobile homes are designed for long-term placement at campgrounds or RV parks. They offer a residential feel with full-sized amenities, including lofts or extra rooms, serving as semi-permanent residences for seasonal stays or extended vacations.

  • Cost of new destination trailers start at about $40K, with used ones at about $15K.


Teardrop Trailers

Compact, aerodynamic trailers with a distinctive curved shape, ideal for solo travelers or couples. They come with a sleeping area and a rear kitchenette, offering a minimalist camping experience.

  • Prices range from $7K to $20K for new units and about $4K for used ones.

Toy Haulers

Toy Haulers

Versatile travel homes or fifth-wheels equipped with a rear garage space designed to transport "toys" like motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, or kayaks. These models offer traditional living accommodations, making them ideal for adventure enthusiasts.

  • Prices for toy haulers are about $25K for new units and about $10K for used ones.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-Up Campers

Also known as tent trailers, these compact, expandable RVs provide a canvas living area when parked. Lightweight and easy to store, they offer a blend of the outdoor tent campground experience with the basic comforts of an RV. Sleeping quarters, small kitchenette and bathroom provides all the necessary conditions for living. Ideal for those transitioning from tent camping to RVing, pop-up campers offer a more protected and comfortable campsite experience without the most of larger RVs.

  • Cost of pop-up campers is about $15,000 for new and about $3,500 for used ones.

Key advantages of towable RV:

  1. Cost-Effective

    A lower cost compared to motorized RVs makes trailers a more affordable entry point into the RVing world.

  2. Variety of Sizes

    From compact teardrop to large fifth-wheel trailer, there's a one to fit every need and towing capacity.

  3. Less Registration and Insurance Costs

    In many regions, they have lower registration and insurance costs compared to motorized RVs.

  4. Easier Storage

    Depending on the dimensions, trailers can be more straightforward to store during off-seasons or when not in use, without the engine maintenance considerations.

  5. Independent Towing Car

    Once set up at a campsite, your towing car is free for local excursions, exploring, or errands without having to pack up your entire living space.

  6. Stability

    Especially for fifth-wheel, the hitch design offers stability during towing, leading to a smoother and more controlled driving experience

Truck Campers

Truck Campers

Truck campers have a second name - 'slide-in campers' or 'camper shells. They are compact living items that attach to the bed of a pickup truck. Offering essential amenities like a sleeping area, kitchenette, and sometimes a bathroom, they are ideal for off-road adventures and tight camp spots. These campers allow travelers to combine their vehicle and living quarters, making it easy to set up camp anywhere the truck can go

  • New slide-in camper cost about $20K, with used ones at about $3K.

Here are some benefits of Truck Campers:

  1. Mobility and versatility

    Set up camp virtually anywhere your truck can go, from established campgrounds to remote off-grid locations.

  2. Easy Setup

    With no need to hitch or unhitch, setting up and breaking camp is quick and straightforward.

  3. Cost-Effective

    Generally less expensive than larger RVs, both in initial purchase and maintenance.

  4. Fuel Efficiency

    Without towing a separate unit, you might experience better fuel economy than with some towable RVs.

  5. Easy Storage

    When the camper unit is removed, it requires minimal storage space, and the vehicle can be used as usual.


The world of RVs offers a rich array of options, from luxurious motorhomes to slide-in Campers, ensuring there's an RV to match every traveler's aspirations. As you contemplate embarking on your RV adventure, it's essential to assess the features and benefits of each category to discover the perfect fit for your journey.

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