Repair Your RV Roof with Insurance and Get Paid 10% Cashback!


How It Works

At RV Roof Worx, we streamline the insurance claim process for your RV roof repairs. Not only can you get your roof fixed at no cost, but you can also receive up to $1500 cashback.

  • Assessment - Schedule a free roof inspection
  • Estimate - We prepare the detailed estimate required by your insurance company
  • Approval - We assist with claim submission and approval
  • Scheduling - Schedule the job at a time that suits you
  • Repair - Our experts fix your roof efficiently
  • Cashback - Receive up to 10% cashback after the insurance company pays for the repair

Our Services and Cashback Offers

PVC Replacement

PVC Replacement

Up to 10% cashback ~1500$

Silicone with reinforced fabric

Silicone with reinforced fabric

Up to 7% cashback ~600$



Up to 4% cashback ~200$


Roofing and Insurance Claims brands
  • Convenience: We handle all insurance and repair details
  • Expertise: Over 20 years of experience
  • Quality: Top-tier materials and craftsmanship
  • Savings: Fix your roof for free and get cashback
  • Warranty: We provide warranty coverage for up to 20 years

Real Feedback, Real Results!

Discover genuine client feedback right under our posts. New clients can easily connect with our community members on our Facebook page to get their honest camper roof replacement review

RV Roof Worx

Anna reached out to us to refresh the coating on her 35ft 2018 Heartland Bighorn RV. We added two layers of silicone coating to the roof, boosting its durability and ability to withstand the elements. This new protective barrier ensures Anna's RV is ready for all her upcoming adventures.

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RV Roof Repairs
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RV Roof Worx

Dennis came to us for repairs on his massive 40ft RV. The old rubber roof needed a new coating. We also had to repair a small area where dry rot had set in. We replaced a sheet of plywood and applied two layers of coating for added durability. We offered a 20-year warranty for years of peace of mind ahead.

camper repair
camper roof repair
camper roof replacement


RV Roof Worx

David's 44ft RV in Florida was damaged when a tree limb fell, ripping the roof in several spots. He opted for a replacement with PVC to ensure durability and weather resistance. Additionally, we replaced four solar panels, one vent, one awning, and repaired the gutter. With these repairs, David's RV is now fully restored.

motorhome roof repair
motorhome roof replacement


RV Roof Worx

Kimberly reached out to us for a repair on her 42-foot RV's roof. We conducted a complete replacement using PVC membrane, ensuring durability and reliability. Demonstrating our confidence in the quality of our work, we provided a 20-year warranty. Now, she can confidently move towards new horizons without worrying about roof issues.

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rv roof replacement
RV Roof Maintenance Near me


RV Roof Worx

Recently, Daniel brought in his 39' 2004 Meridian Itasca after a challenging windstorm tore off a piece of the fiberglass roof. We replaced it with a new PVC roof and provided a 20-year warranty. Now, Daniel can forget about roof troubles and look forward to many more adventures.

RV Repair
RV Roof Repair
RV roof maintenance


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As a result you can get a new RV roof with 20 years warranty in 3 days from $100 per month without leaving home.

This is what we call: “The best RV roofing experience!



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